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The first conversation I had with May was about an emotional topic which had bothered me very much.

I felt that something was stuck on my chest, and I could not feel comfortable. May encouraged me to use my 5 senses, such as listening and vision. I most like the visualizations; for instance, when I visualise placing my dark emotions on the ground, I start to perceive the world with my heart, rather than with logical thinking. It is an amazing experience. After many years training, I was used to thinking with my brain for many things, but I felt that problems weren’t really resolved, even when I found solutions. It seems like there is a distance between the solution at hand and a perfect result. It is like a distance between which lacks a direct connection.

I still remember when May told me to visualise putting my feelings on the ground, who I am and what I look like. I feel that I’m closer to the real me – I now have a crystal-clear vision of myself, and know better what it is that I really want. The final focus step enables me to set a goal and to make it happen.

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